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Jushin Liger

Jushin Liger

Description: Jushin Liger is an anime superhero TV series created by Go Nagai. Produced by Sunrise Inc. with cooperation of Dynamic Planning, the series was originally broadcast on Nagoya Broadcasting Network /TV Asahi from March 11, 1989 to January 27, 1990 with a total of 43 episodes. Wikipedia
Genre: Anime
Year Released: 1989
First episode air date: March 11, 1989
Program Creator: Go Nagai
Studio: Sunrise
Characters: Ken Taiga, Ryu Dolk, Empress Zara, Yui Kamishiro, MORE
Networks: TV Asahi, Nagoya Broadcasting Network
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Plot: Ten comics try to make one another laugh in a closed room and the last contestant remaining in the room without laughing wins the grand prize. The winner gets a cash prize and bragging rights.