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Paranormal Witness

Paranormal Witness

Description: You may not want to watch "Paranormal Witness" alone if you're easily spooked. This series brings to life -- through the use of first-hand testimony, home videos and personal photos -- the stories of people who have lived through paranormal experiences. In addition to featuring the usual paranormal stuff -- UFO sightings, poltergeists, haunted mansions, to name just a few -- "Paranormal Witness" episodes also tell the stories of a child with an imaginary friend and a highway that is said to be haunted.
Genre: Reality
Year Released: 2011
Number of seasons: 5
First episode air date: September 7, 2011
Theme Song: Paranormal Witness Theme Song
Networks: Syfy, Really, Pick, W
Main Characters: Laurel Poremski, Dave Stautzenbach, MORE
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Plot: This reality series, which comes from the producers of "The Purge" and "Lore," provides viewers with a chilling glimpse into first-person accounts of supernatural events. People who have witnessed horrifying, peculiar or extraordinary events tell their tales, which include how the unexplained phenomena...